How to Build Muscle – Shouldering the Load

To me, shoulders or lack there of make the man. Shoulders cannot be hidden under clothes and covered up, you either have wide cannon ball delts or you do not. In this article, I give you the one exercise I feel you must do if you are truly serious about building a set of shoulders that you will be proud of.

How to Build Muscle – Nutrition and the Over Forty Bodybuilder

While bodybuilding is a very good way of keeping the aging process at bay, regardless of what we like to think, concessions still need to be made. And nowhere is this more apparent than with what we eat. In this article I lay out things the over forty bodybuilder can do to help keep body fat at bay as he or she ages.

How to Look Shredded on Stage: Understanding Bodybuilding Tanning

When bodybuilders compete, the main thing that they showcase is the toned and ripped physique that they have worked so hard for and in order to accentuate the positives, they use tanning creams to highlight every nook and cranny and pose for the whole world to admire. Read on to understand more about these specialized tanning creams and how you can use them to your advantage during your events and competitions.

How to Build Muscle-Supplement Secrets

With all of the fancy protein supplements available on the market today, what do you do if you cannot afford them. Easy, you go back to basics. In this article I give you three high quality protein sources that you can find at just about any supermarket. As an added bonus these foods will give your taste buds a break from dry chicken breasts.

How to Build Muscle – Slow and Steady Works

Sometimes in this era of instant gratification we tend to forget about the basics of bodybuilding and nutrition and that building muscle, for most of us, takes time. So if you feel like you have gotten off track, this article could be just what you need to jump start your gains again.

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