Age Is Just A Number – Dumbbell Workout Challenge!

Bench Press 101 – A Step by Step Guide on How to Increase Your Bench Press

Learn how to increase your Bench Press. Step by step guide how to bench press like a pro. If you want to build a monster chest, shoulder and triceps this is the article that will show you how. World Record Bench Press Champion will take you through every step form the set up to the lockout and everywhere in between.

Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty One Set Workout

Near the end of his career as a personal trainer Mike Mentzer determined that he was recommending workouts to his clients that had a set count that was too high for maximum muscle growth. He had been using 2-4 sets of maximum intensity per muscle group of but noticed that his clients’ results had ceased.

How to Build Muscle – Or a Simple Shock Routine

If you have a body part that is not responding, there is a good chance you are not alone. What you need is a shock routine, that will “shock” your muscles into new growth. If you are will to work, and want to new muscle, then I urge you to give this routine a go–you will not be disappointed.

Does The Way A Muscle Feel After a Workout Determine If Your Workout Was A Success?

Does the way your muscle feel after a workout dictate how successful you were in developing sufficient stimulus to cause your muscles to grow? Not necessarily. While delayed soreness is an indication of micro tears in muscle, which are necessary to cause the body to overcompensate and build more muscle tissue after a workout, it doesn’t indicate if proper training protocols were followed during the workout.

Superslow HIT Training for Fast Muscle Gains!

Arthur Jones, inventor of the famous Nautilus Machines, was also responsible for the popularity of HIT, High Intensity Training during the 70’s. He organized the Colorado Experiment to demonstrate the effectiveness of this form of bodybuilding, training Casey Viator in this protocol using Nautilus Machines exclusively. Arthur Jones himself went through his own program, gaining substantial muscle in the process.

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