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Get a Bikini Bod!

Many women would love to have a beach body that will fit into a hot bikini. However, just going on a diet and hitting the treadmill won’t cut it. You need to do heavy weight training, circuits and high-intensity cardio to carve out that bikini body that will turn heads and make you look amazing!

How to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time

Guys who want to look like a “GQ” model, with six-pack abs and a defined, “cut” musculature are often told they need to gain weight first, then lose fat. Many bodybuilders believe it is not possible to do both without hours in the gym. This isn’t true! This kind of body can be achieved with a three-month effort based on strength training, hypertrophy and high-intensity cardio.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Heavy Weights

Women who want to achieve an amazing bikini body need to forget about treadmills and other cardio machines in the gym. The secrets of a curvy body are heavy weights. However, many women are unsure of how to start with resistance exercise when they first set foot in the weights area of a gym. This article explains the basic procedure they should follow and gives a basic workout that can start them off in the right direction.

Bodyweight Exercises

Teenagers who want to start bodybuilding are often faced with the issue of how to develop their bodies without lifting weights. Lifting weights in a gym when you’re under 18 can have a detrimental effect on your pubertal growth spurt – it can create muscle imbalances that may affect you later in life. However, relying on bodyweight exercises means having to know a lot of exercises and also requires a good understanding of how to use them differently for fat loss and muscle gain. Knowing many variations of a few classic exercises and learning how to use them to achieve the opposing goals of fat loss and muscle gain is the easiest way to see results.

Play A Sport

Playing a sport is an obvious way to increase overall body fitness and cardiovascular athleticism. However, choosing which sport to take up to achieve fat loss goals must take into account the 3 different types of cardio. Choosing sports which allow your body to experience all three types is the best way to be sure that you achieve your desired weight and create the body of your dreams!

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