Ripped Over 40 Full Body Fat Loss

Resistance Band Workout That Anyone Can Get Ripped From

Tired of bad joints? Want something different? Want to start or continue to build muscle? Well this might just be for you. Our resistance band workout is the perfect way to build muscle without having to carry around all that extra equipment.

Can I Get a Spot?

Lifting weights can be a great way to release stress, improve your physical physique, and better the overall you. But, failing to have a workout partner can lead to some serious drawbacks to your ultimate gains.

HIT Variables To Build Incredible Muscle Size!

My previous articles have outlined many different training routines and techniques to increase muscle size and strength using the HIT, or High Intensity Protocol. This article continues that with a focus on outlining some of the many diverse HIT Variables or techniques available.

Variable Intensity: The Road To Training Success!

Hit the weights hard! You’ve gotten this advice over and over-it’s been drilled into your head. But even after putting in hour after hour at the gym you have little to show for your efforts. What the heck is wrong? “Is my form bad?” you ask. “Am I training hard enough?” “Am I training too hard?”

The Hack Squat The Forgotten Exercise That Packs Muscle On Your Legs Fast!

One of the most overlooked muscle groups in a beginning bodybuilder’s training program is legs. They don’t impress like the chest and arms so beginners make a common mistake and avoid training them, not realizing the overall high growth effect the leg muscles exert over the entire body. It has been demonstrated in recent research that if intense leg training is done prior to arm training in a workout session, the overall growth effect on the arms is magnified. This is a result of human growth hormone being released because of the size of the leg muscles.

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